Dear Miss Emily:

Me and my girlfriend friend are on the heavy side.  She told me I was a boring lover, because I can’t do different sex positions.  She only said this when her ex came back to town. What should I do?
Big Deal

---------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------

Dear Big:

I don’t know why she’s so nimble if both of you are on the heavy side.  It sounds like she’s looking to find fault with you, and your suspicions could be correct.  You don’t want to appear jealous or willing to do anything to keep her, because that gives her too much power over you and then things can fall apart pretty quickly.  I’d tell her that you are willing to work on spicing things up in the bedroom (there is more to an interesting sex life than different positions), and ask if she’s willing to explore new techniques.  Try to bring a little romance back with some flowers and dinner out.  If that doesn’t work, the foundation of your relationship is rocky and prepare yourself for a rough ride ahead.