Dear  Miss Emily;

 I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for four months now. I know he is the one, but we have hit a rough patch. We live three and a half hours apart and go to different colleges, so we are faced with two different options: I try and get into the University he is at, (which I can't afford) or he moves down here where I am and where the college is three times cheaper. I don't know what to do, anymore. So can you help? Please and thank you.
Willing to Work It Out

-----------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------

Dear Willing:

I think you are making a big mistake if you are ready to risk your financial future (going to an expensive college you cannot afford), and he is willing to accept a cheaper college (and perhaps not appropriate for him) in order to be together.  Four months is not enough time to be absolutely sure “he is the one.”  And even if it were (and assuming he feels the same), you both need to take a look at the sacrifices you would be making, and at what cost if it doesn't work out.  Cool your jets and see each other when you can. If the relationship is going to endure, this rough patch is not insurmountable.  The solution is too important to be decided by cupid’s arrow alone.  It needs a practical approach that takes every conceivable outcome into consideration.