Dear Miss Emily:

Hi, there is a lady at work who I like.  She was recently divorced (3-4 months ago).  Anyway, ever since she got divorced, I was starting to like her more and more.  She keeps looking at me and smiling at me.  I can tell that she likes me.  Anyway, I finally had a courage to ask her out, but her response is she's dealing with divorce and doesn't want to date anyone in the same work area.  I totally understand and respect her decision.  Since then, she keeps looking at me and smiling at me.  I’m a bit confused..  Is she interested in me?  At work, people move around n a lot of different area.  Is she waiting until she moves to different area so she can date me?   Should I wait or move on?   Thanks in advance!

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------------

Dear Confused:

First off, I really respect your approach by asking her out without having any preconceived ideas or fear of rejection.  However, I think you have to take her word on this subject.. You could make one final statement to her: “I understand how you feel but, in the future, if you change your mind, let me know.” That shows you are mildly persistent, but not obnoxious. You cannot hold your breath until she changes her mind, but you have let her know it’s an open proposition on your part.  Shifting the work environment is not necessarily a plus for either of you, because personal circumstances can change from day-to-day.  She may find you tempting, but not tempting enough to change her viewpoint concerning her present situation.  If someone else comes along, go for it, because a watched pot never boils.