Dear Miss Emily:

I’m with this current boyfriend and my ex has come back into my life.  I was with my ex for 2 years and I love him so much, but we argued a lot; even though now he told me he is going to start fresh and wants to be with me. But I’m not in love with my current boyfriend, and he loves me, and I don’t want to hurt him.  What should I do?
Ready To Move On

-------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------

Dear Ready:

First off, if you don’t love your current boyfriend, you must set him free.  You make a fool of him if you keep up the facade.  I think he'd rather be told the truth.  Now, as far as your ex and you making a go if it, and the success rate?  Starting fresh is a statement of great intention, but if you both don’t fully address the reasons you argued so often (which I assume ended your relationship) a repeat of the same is predictable.  Don’t jump into anything too soon, but there’s something to be said for tying-up loose ends by having a second go-round.  It usually settles the question  “Can we go back and repair the damage?”  I wish you luck, but it will take some really hard work to create the feeling that you are “starting fresh,” and to keep it from slipping into yesterday’s news. If it ultimately narrows down to personality conflicts, throw in the towel, do not consider it a failure, but rather an opportunity to seek greener pasture.