Dear Miss Emily:

I have a boyfriend who's in prison and my friend is going to tel him what I told her. I talked to my friend about my boyfriend’s mom.  Should I tell my boyfriend?  I'm scared of him knowing, and he'll leave me. I don't want that.
Up Against A Wall

----------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------

Dear Up:

I have no idea why your friend would betray you like this, but she is no friend and you should cut her out of your life.  If you are certain your friend will tell your boyfriend information that only you would know about his mother, I think you have to come clean and, in the future, keep your mouth shut.  You never know how this kind of thing can backfire; although you don’t expect a friend to spill the beans unless she’s Satan’s spawn, or jealous and is out to harm your relationship with your boyfriend.  That said, if it’s info that is general knowledge or something she could have heard from someone else, call her bluff and say, “Go ahead, because I’ll deny it, and you’ll look like the Wicked-Witch-Of-The-West.  In the future, hold your head high and don’t let anyone threaten you like this again.  It serves no purpose other than to do damage, and you're too smart for that, right?