Dear Miss Emily:

Ok, so I met this guy over the summer and we’re kinda together. We talk on the phone a lot and go to each others games (I play volleyball, and he plays football). He said he likes me and he knows I like him.  His mom does a lot of bake sales and craft sales, and he is stuck going to most of them. He invited me to go to one of them to hang out.  My mom drove me there to meet him and waited for me to say he was there.  He wasn't there, so I waited about 10 minutes and he didn’t show.  I called his cell and it was off, so my mom took me home.  I waited till  6:30 to call his house, and his mom answered and said he was at a fair all day with one of his friends. What do I do???

-------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Stunned:

I think I would have mentioned something to his mother.  “I thought  he had invited me to your craft sale, today.  Do you think there was a misunderstanding?”  Maybe she could have shed some light on what had happened.  That said, I would leave a message on his cell telling him that you think he owes you an explanation as to why he didn’t show up.  And it better be a good one, because if he just forgot, or shined the whole thing (which would in inexcusable) to get together with his friends, I would tell him that you are not someone who tolerates shabby treatment and to take your number off his cell phone. You don’t have to be nasty, nor ignore him.  But if he ever wants to get back in your good graces, you should expect him to prove himself trustworthy. And that will take time.