Dear Miss Emily:

I'm 17.  I've been with my boyfriend for two years.  We have been living together for a year now. We had a big fight, one night, and he went to his mom's.  He got drunk and then cheated on me. We split up for a month or more, then I got back with him. I have nightmares about this happening, again. I worry a lot. I don’t know what to do, or where our relationship is going. I can’t trust him. Some days we're happy, and some days we're sad, mad and fighting.  Please help!

----------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Stuck:

The relationship will continue to head south if you can’t sit down and talk to him about how you can improve it, and agree to start treating each other in a loving manner.  Seventeen or not, these are the general rules of a good relationship: Respect and trust.  If you don’t have that, you have nothing.  Take a look at your behavior in this relationship, and ask yourself if you make unrealistic demands based on your insecurities. If it’s just a case of him being totally  unreasonable and he treats you like a second-class citizen, face it now and make a break-up final.  At seventeen, you’re not so deep into this relationship, with obligations like children and a mortgage, that you can’t walk away without dragging baggage behind you. In other words, seek a better life for yourself.