Dear Miss Emily:

I have an odd question. I want my fiance to take better
care of his teeth, but I don't know how to ask him without
hurting his feelings. It's not like he is disgusting or
anything, but I am very concerned with oral health, and I
don't think he does a very good job. I know that sooner or
later it will catch up with him. How do I bring this up
without offending him?
Stickler for Good Oral Hygiene

------------------Miss Emily's response---------------

Dear Stickler:

You are absolutely correct!  Good oral hygiene is essential -- not only for cosmetic reasons, but for what most likely will occur down the road.  Gum disease and bone loss, in later years, can cost thousands of dollars in reconstructive surgery, not to mention the pain and inconvenience.  Flossing daily, and a cleaning twice a year is the sensible way to prevent this.  I believe you have to appeal to him in this way:  Download pictures (and there are plenty) of what gum disease, and possible implant or bridge work entails.  As well, poor dental hygiene usually results in bad breath, and if you are going to marry this man, not addressing it, now, may result in his loss of your affection.  Any man with a healthy libido might listen on this score.  For his own good, as well as yours, you must tell him. How he reacts, presently, will be a good indication of how he will react to constructive criticism in the future. Good luck!