Dear Miss Emily:

My girlfriend (ex-girlfriend) and I broke up about a month ago, because we are currently going to different colleges. She's in Florida and I'm in New York. We didn't talk for the first week after we broke up, because it was hard to talk to her since I love her very much. Then we started talking again, and I'm still very much in love with her. I think about her all the time, and miss her. I don't know what to do.
Having Second Thoughts

--------------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------------

Dear Having:

It is easy to understand why you to feel this separation anxiety.  Change is difficult, especially when it is forced.  I assume that it was a mutual agreement, i.e., it would be too hard to maintain a relationship with this distance, and it inhibits one's freedom to explore other relationships?  If this is true, nothing has changed except you did not anticipate the emotional toll it would take on you.  Keep talking to her, but allow yourself to become immersed in your studies, and friends who are easily accessible.  There’s nothing written that you and she can’t amend this decision to break-up but, obviously, you two will have to be on the same page.  Don’t make a fool of yourself by acting as if you are desperate to hang on, only to find out that in a few weeks you totally get the reason why you broke it off in the first place.  Let time be your emotional barometer.