Dear Miss Emily:

When my boyfriend and I are together, we hardly every have sex. .I've tried at night to nudge him but he just curls away from me.  Why is this?

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------

Dear Dejected:

I think when this happens, you have to take a stand.  He could be tired, he may drink too much, or he’s lost interest in you.  This is not to mean that you are to blame, but for whatever the reason, it needs to be faced now or you will feel inadequate as a sexual partner, and that may not be the case at all.  Ask him if he is willing to work at bringing the romance back into your relationship.  If he does not give you a straight answer, or fails to get on board, then he is not either capable or willing to meet you half way.  If this is the case, you’ll have to decide if your investment in him is worth your time. Sex is not everything in a relationship, but it reaffirms your commitment to each other, and maintains an intimacy that is, for most couples, crucial to a successful union.  Don’t settle for less, if you feel you are worth more!