Dear Miss Emily:

So there's this guy at school. Two years ago, I saw him walking home from school every day. I smiled, every day! Last year, he bought me a stuffed animal, through the Spanish Club, for Valentine’s day. (A holiday I strongly dislike.) I thought it was a prank. We'd NEVER spoken!!! It went through the entire Spanish Club, so everyone saw it. I blew it off, because I was certain he and his friends did it just to be mean. Now, this year, he's in two of my classes and I catch him out of the corner of my eye, looking at me. EVERY DAY!! What do I do? Do I talk to him? After the stuffed animal fiasco, we've avoided each other at all costs. His buddies are still there, but he's cute.... This is so frustrating!!! Please help.

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------------

Dear Stuffy:

Wow!  For never have any verbal communication with this guy, you sure think you know what’s in his mind.  Why would you possibly think that he was giving you this stuffed animal as a prank?  I can see why Valentine’s Day can be a drag, the crass commercialism, and the emptiness one feels when left empty-handed, but your attitude is absurd.  Unless you are leaving something out – you have a reputation of being a loser, you have two heads, and he’s known around school as a sadist, I think insecurity is getting the best of you.  You are way off base if you think he is the only one with a problem – you both have one.  He could be too shy to let you know how he feels, and you are too opinionated to face this head-on.  Apologize to him for your behavior.  Tell him this has been bugging you for a long time, and you misunderstood what appeared to be an act of kindness -- and go from there.  Many of the world’s problems can be attributed to what is assumed rather than fact. Don’t add to the confusion.