Dear Miss Emily: I am in a marriage for 3 yrs. I am on disability, so my income is less than my spouse. I eat ice cream a lot but have cut down because of the cost. I don't spend money on anything else, frivolously. My spouse drinks an excessive amount of pop weekly and spends money on alcohol and bowling weekly, which adds up to way more then my ice cream. My spouse throws fits and screams in my face about the ice cream and gets really mad if I get it without asking. I am told I am wasting money and not respecting him when I get the ice cream, and we have even broke up over it, even though I cut down on how much I get it. My spouse takes the bank card away from me, too, and my spouse questions me daily if I have gotten ice cream. But if I ask one question, like if my spouse has drunk beer, then my spouse goes into a rage. This is serious, and I really need your advice for both of us. Thanks. I Scream for Ice Cream -----------Miss Emily' advice----------- Dear I Scream: Right now, I am so totally turned off of anything to do with ice cream or marriage. But I have one question: Have you gotten fat from eating too much ice cream? I ask this only because that may be the basis for your husband's anger -- although I don't approve of his abusive tactics. He sounds like a bully, and you seem to be battling an addiction to ice cream. He lives by a code called a double-standard, and that is hard to live with unless you are a total door map and at the mercy of this, might I use the word, JERK? In other words, I think your problems go deeper than your consumption of ice cream. He seems to have the upper hand, and unless you are willing to send him packing for good (which I would do), may I suggest switching to a cheaper, healthier obsession?