Dear Miss Emily:

I have been friends with a couple for several years.  Recently, I have moved to their town and see them frequently.  Although I am sure they love each other, they have no problem arguing in front of me, and it's beginning to make me feel horribly uncomfortable.  I know they think of me as family, but I'm wondering if this is less of an honor and more of a detriment.  Is it my problem for sticking around during these flareups, or are they being rude by involving me in their arguments?
Tired of the fighting

----------------------Miss Emily's response--------------------

Dear Tired:

There is no excuse for their arguing in front of you, and it is an absolute no-no to include you.   Unless you are a  fixture in their home,  etiquette dictates that they  save their fighting until you are safely  strapped in to your car seatbelt, and headed home.  A little behavior modification may be in order.  The next time they fight while you are visiting -- leave when they are too entrenched in the battle to notice you're gone.  When they finally discover you are MIA, and call to find out what happened to you, tell them that their fighting is taking a toll on you.  It's their business if they want to indulge in this negative and often futile form of communication, but it is your right to maintain your sanity.