Dear Miss Emily: What do you do when you are in a great relationship that you think may last long, but you start eyeing another boy? This boy doesn't like me or anything, but I dont stop thinking about him. Will this cause problems in my relationship? Looking Beyond ----------------Miss Emily's advice------------ Dear Looking: It's a temptation I can truly understand. Especially when you are young, and the sea is filled with so many fish! I think the answer lies in what kind of relationship you have with your current boyfriend. Are you really tight? Does everyone knows you are a couple? Do you spend most of your free time together? If so, he deserves your undivided attention. We all have our private crushes that need not be shared with anyone, even married people go through these phases. But if it becomes an obsession, it will cause problems because you will not be as attentive, and your boyfriend will wonder why. Wait and see, but if your interest in your present boyfriend becomes nothing more than a habit, cut him loose, for your sake and his.