Dear Miss Emily: My girlfrind broke up with me a week and a half ago. I haven't heard from her at all! She said she couldn't see herself marrying me. This would be easy to accept, but she has told me several times that I was the guy of her dreams and that she could see herself marrying me one day. We weren't talking about now, we said in about 4 years down the road. I have tried to pin point any reason why she would call me and do this, and I honestly cannot. I was really sensative to how she felt and always supported her. The night before we talked, she told me that she loved me and couldn't wait to see me the fallowing day. She was really puting herself out there to show me she loved me through emails, letters and texts messages all week. She couldn't talk to me because it makes her cry a lot. I haven't spoken to her in 11 days. What do i do? She was everything to me! I love her so much. How do i get to her without pushing her away? Heartsick -------------Miss Emily's advice---------- Dear Heartsick: I am as mystified as you are about this abrupt break-up. It seems extremely odd that, just prior to this horrendous event, she was "putting herself out there" to show her love for you. You do deserve an explanation, but that does not mean you will get one. I would make one more pitch through an e-mail, telling her you need that explanation in order to have some frame of reference to why this happened. Make sure she realizes that you will not beg for her to come back to you, nor will you contact her again -- and mean it! If she ignores your request, then she is, obviously, not the person you thought her to be. And there is always the chance she has met someone else, and the not being able to talk to you because she would cry a lot is her shabby and gutless way of ending your relationship. My final question to you is this: Are you and she too young to be involved in a serious relationship, and her parents are putting a stop to it? That's the only other explanation possible! My thoughts are with you doing this difficult time.