Dear Miss Emily:

I have a boyfriend and we just made it to a month. He has a best friend, but he talks to the best friend who is a girl more often than me. Sometime I feel jealous.  What do I do ? I don’t want to loose this relationship. How do I ask him? Like he says he the luckiest man alive for meeting her, and I wonder where I stand in all this, since he met me. Please help me asap. I’m going insane. Thank you.
Not Happy With Second Place

----------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Not Happy:

I understand this is troubling to you, because you’d like to be his girlfriend and new best friend.  It seems insensitive, to me, for him to wax poetically about how lucky he is to have met her.  I think, in time,  you have a shot at moving to first place in the friend department, so I wouldn’t act petulant or jealous about this,  unless you want to alienate him.  You could, however, tell him that you understand that he has a wonderful relationship with this girl, and hope that you and he can form the same kind of bond.  It might be that this girl has an easy rapport with guys, and is a good listener -- two winning components in any good relationship!  Don’t try to compete, but make something special between the two of you – something that she cannot offer, and only you can.  Do not, and I repeat, do not become a puppy dog to this guy.  When you show respect for yourself, it automatically commands respect from others.  Keep me posted.