Hi there, Emily!

I split with my partner of ten years, 4 months ago, as I felt I did not love him like I should.  We have 2 children, and the last 2 months I have started to miss him terribly and want him back.  But am I just being selfish?  He seems to have moved on, o k,  although I know he is not seeing anyone.  I really don’t know what to do. I don’t wanna hurt him by dragging up the fact I do care, but I was so, so wrong.  I’m scared I’m gonna lose him forever if I don’t say anything.
Sorry Now

-------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------

Dear Sorry:

I can’t imagine what has changed for you in the last two months that you suddenly have had an epiphany and want him back, but I don’t think you should be hasty.  You are probably experiencing some loneliness, and the adjustment to your new life has hit some bumps.  Don’t discount the reasons why you split and concentrate on your children’s needs – and that would be the love and support of two parents – under one roof, or two.  I would be completely honest with your ex partner, and tell him you have some confusion as to why you left and ask him if he would consider counseling.  I rarely recommend this approach, because it seems like a easy out for giving advice.  Ask him to consider what is best for the children and, perhaps, in your quest to get your head on straight, you’ll find a way back to each other through mutual love and friendship. Be careful not to treat your children like bouncing balls.  Sure they would like their parents back together, but not for a trial run that, months down the line, leads them back to a single-parenting environment.