Dear Miss Emily:

So I'm friends with all the guys but especially this one. I just recently started to like him. but he told me he likes a girl who is sort of a nerd. i want to be happy for him but dont know how. Please help me be a good friend, without being envious, too.

 ------------Miss Emily's advice-----------

Dear Green:

One man's meat is another man's poison! She may be a nerd, but she's his nerd. Let it play out and see how far it goes. There isn't much you can do but sit back and watch. Do nothing to interfere with their relationship, nor encourage it. If you maintain a good friendship with him throughout this time, maybe at some point you can say, "Hey, she's lucky to have you. I'm a bit jealous!" He may think you are kidding, but he also might know that he means more to you than you have been letting on. It also might open up a dialogue. If you were to do this and he responds with, "We're great friends, let's keep it that way," you can reply, "You know, you are absolutely right. What was I thinking?"