Dear Miss Emily:

 We've been physically hooking up for a month.... we hang out, sometimes a lot... we hung from Saturday at 12noon all the way to Sunday at 8am.. we went out to lunch together, cooked dinner together, watched movies together, went grocery shopping together....We have a great time together. Sometimes we play softball together, hang out with friends together...When we see each other, we hold hands, we "look together," we hook up, we have fun.  But we aren't "together" per se. We dont call each other every day, dont communicate all the time... and I'm not the type of girl to put a label on us... I'm okay with just going with the flow, but I can't help but wish this would turn into something more.
When I'm WITH him, I'm happy. When I'm not with him, I question what he's doing with me.  I like him. What should I do?
Not Sure

--------------------Miss Emily's advice---------------

Dear Not:

This sounds like a friendship that's growing at a steady, even pace. It's only been a month -- four little weeks.  Give it more time, and when you are absolutely positive you want more from this casual relationship, have the courage to ask for it. If he doesn't want more, and seems satisfied with the status quo, that's your signal to ease off.  Never accept any terms against your wishes, and don't stick around wishing you can change the terms. Communication is everything.  Don't be afraid to use it.