Emily,  I'm 16 and I have been dating my boyfriend for only 4 months so far. I met him at my youth group and I always found him to be kind of gross, immature and not my type at all. But myself, being a bigger girl, found it hard to say no to him when he asked me out, because I was flattered that someone felt that way about me. Well, now that we are dating we have lots of arguments, because I feel that he needs to grow up and be more mature. I mean, I had to call the college for him because he was scared to talk on the phone with them. I'm sick of trying to change him, but I don't want to leave him and I'm unsure what to do. Especially considering all the other guys I've dated have been 2-3 years older then me, so I'm used to more maturity.
Kidding Me

-------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Kidding:

If you don’t want to leave him, you have no other choice but to stop trying to change him and stop playing the roll of his mother.  He won’t grow up if you are doing things like calling his college for him!  That’s his responsibility, not yours, and if he can’t follow through, well, he can’t follow through.  Sure, he needs to  take charge of his life, but it will be done on his timetable and not yours.  Make a decision to either accept him for who he is, and look for a silver lining, or argue, try to control him, and nag him about his ineptitude.  In time, I hope he’ll get sick of your attitude and break-up with you, or you will (after a few more tortured months) decide you no longer want to waste your time with someone who is not your type.