Dear Miss Emily:

I posted "Does she like me?" on relationships teens.  I took you advice and it's helped me a lot. On the 13th, as soon as she's back from holiday, I’m spending a whole day with her to get to know her better -- so im looking forward to that!  But on Saturday, out of the blue, her older sister started texting me and she randomly texts "I’ve heard a lot about you.  A lot of good things." I take that as a good sign but, in a way, I feel like it isn’t 100% true.  Like I said before, I have only met the girl 4 times. She may be telling the truth because, as an older sister, she could be looking out for her younger sister – checking on who she’s seeing.  But she may also be pulling a joke.  I don’t know what to believe and was wondering what do you think? Again, thanks for help so far you have really boosted my confidence.

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice-------------------

Dear Curious:

This girl probably wrote you a text, because her sister has been talking about you  – a lot!  It also might have been her way of showing you she likes you, but doing it in a roundabout way.  She could be hoping that you write back with some nice things to say about her. We really don’t know for sure, but please stop over-analyzing this because, if you do, it puts doubt in your mind.  Being female, I remember talking my head off when I liked some guy, even if I had just met him!  It only takes a few sparks to start a fire.  Lose the insecurity over this, and focus on the day you spend with this girl.  Be yourself – be a good listener – relax and enjoy it.  Many relationships are ruined by high expectations and a failure to keep self-doubt in check.  It looks like a go, to me.  But do me a favor, and let me know what happens.