Dear Miss Emily,

OK, I've been dating my girlfriend since March.  I love her to death and before being my girlfriend she was, and still is my best friend. The only problem is her dad. He is racist towards me because I'm not white. I love her but this also bothers me. At first I told her, plus I didn't let it get to me. But now it just ticks me right off. I don't know what to do. Please help me out!!!

-----------------------Miss Emily’s advice-------------------

Dear Miffed:

When confronted by an injustice, it is of little comfort to know that you are the better person.  This man is an ignoramus, but if your girlfriend can’t rein him in, and you're not in a position to call him on the mat for this, take a stance and avoid him as much as possible.  I know you love your girlfriend, but don't suffer in silence. Try to explain to her that her father’s disrespect for you is not acceptable. You needn’t break-up over this, but come to some mutual understanding on how to handle this problem.  It's unfortunate, but even if you and your girlfriend had the courage to confront him, more than likely he would get defensive and resent you even more. Your girlfriend’s father lacks sensitivity and integrity, and he'll be the last one to figure that out.