Dear Miss Emily:

I have a boyfriend, and I love him very much. I wanted to marry him this year, but my parents wont let me, so I thought we would try next year.  At the start, he said he will wait a year, however, now he is saying that he wants to break up with me.  I love him too much and can’t let him go.  I know that he loves me too.  I’m his first love and he's mine. Please help me, because breaking up isn’t an option.  We're just going through bad times.
Ready, Willing and Able

---------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------

Dear Ready:

Bad times, indeed!  I’m not clear on the reason your boyfriend wants to break-up with you, but I would ask myself why he is so eager to jump ship. A solid, in-love relationship should be able to weather any storm.  First love is pretty dramatic stuff, and I understand your sense of desperation.  But if you can step outside the emotional circle of this relationship and analyze it from an objective position, the chances of this succeeding the way you wish are pretty much nil. Your parents don’t approve and your boyfriend is ready to flee.  It could be that this is a no-win situation for you.  If you think you are truly ready for marriage, you should realize that these “red flags” are a recipe for failure.  If you are smart, you will back-off on any urgency to marry and let time be your guide.