Dear Miss Emily:

 I had a girlfriend who wanted me to contact my guy for his services.  A week ago, she asked if she could buy something from him and gave me the money, but did not have enough. So she got something else.  This past weekend she called me, on Friday night, and said that she spoke with her husband and they decided to buy the original item again.  I told her the price and she said, “that’s fine” and that tomorrow she could get it after her husband came home. She called me Saturday morning asking if I spoke with him, so I begged my guy, once again, to come though for me, and he did.  I went to her house and she said her husband gets off at 3:30.  Around 4, he came home and she spoke to him and, then, came back down and said he changed his mind.  Now my guy is pissed at me and won't answer my calls or text.  On Monday, I saw his cousin and told him what happened and that just added fuel to the fire. Now I think I have lost him for good.  He lost out on a 125.00 product. I feel so guilty that I told him I would give him the money and he said "keep it.  It's not like I would get it anyways. Screw it!"  I understand that he is angry and upset with me and maybe he needs time.  So I think that since he won't answer my calls or texts, I was going to send the money to his job with a note.  Please help me.  I’m so torn about this issue, I don't want to lose him! And I think he thinks I am a liar and don't take his job seriously. But I do! And I feel miserable. I think if I send the money, he would know that I am truly sorry.
Done Deal

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Done:

The odds were against this deal going through.  Some services  might be considered a luxury because, in a bad economy, this kinda thing happens. I’m not excusing your girlfriend, but it's possible her husband decided to buy gasoline, instead!  You can explain this to your meanie-weanie boyfriend when he starts talking to you, again. If you feel he really went out on a limb for you and your friend (and got soaked for the $125.00), you could send some money to him; unless he’s right about never seeing it.  However, if he can use this service for himself, or resell it, he really did react inappropriately. Bottom-line?  If your boyfriend wants to dump you for this without even trying to work it out, reasonably, you didn’t have a good relationship in the first place. This might be a time to take a look at that – but, at least, learn to use the word, “No,” whenever you feel it is right.  You didn’t really want to be the “go-to” person in the first place, did you?  “NO!”