Dear Miss Emily:

I just can't seem to get anywhere on time. My son is getting older and I am afraid that I am going to become that mom that gets talked about in the teacher's lounge that can't get her kids to school before the bell! Any suggestions for getting out of the door on time?
Always Late

-------------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------------

Dear Late:

If getting out of the door on time in the morning is the only problem, prepare for the morning the night before – pack lunch, lay out clothes – anything that does not require morning preparation. Five extra minutes can save you the embarrassment of looking like the mother who left her brain in the deep freeze. If the drive to school is long enough, pick a nutritious breakfast, for your son, that can be eaten on the way to school. If you are habitually late in other areas, it may be a sign of feeling powerless or, dysfunction relating to your childhood. Over time, the responsibilities of adulthood and parenting should override your habit of being late. The older we get, the less that behavior is tolerated by others.