Dear Miss Emily:

The guy I'm falling in love with is my best friend’s older brother’s friend. I dated him 2 years ago. I just met my best friend this year. Her mom won't let me talk to him when he and I are at my friend’s house. We both want to go out with each other, but if my best friend finds out, it would ruin our relationship. But when I'm with him, I'm the happiest. What should I do?
Walking a fine line

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------

Dear Walking:

I am somewhat confused by your letter. If you have already dated this guy, I am not sure why your friendship would be ruined with this girl.  I could understand why you friend’s mom is monitoring your involvement with him (under her roof) if there’s a big age difference – or a concern that there will be some kind of sexual activity, but for no other reasons.  Think this out.  If there is nothing you are failing to tell me in this letter, why should anyone be able to dictate the direction you take with this guy? Learn this lesson now: A friendship is not based on jealousy, control and fear.  If this “best friend” exhibits any of these characteristics, cut your losses and begin interviewing for a new best friend.