Dear Miss Emily:

There’s a girl that I absolutely think is down to earth and the most amazing person I have ever met, but the weird thing is, I’ve only seen her 4 times.  Is this okay?  I really want to go out with her but, obviously, I think it’s way too early.  But the main thing that’s made me think there’s hope, is when I spoke to her over msn. She asked me a unusual question: "Does my age put you off at all?" I’m 17 she is 15.  Was that question a hint? Last time I saw her was at a house party. We had random conversation when we came across one another, and she kept looking in my direction.  I really want to ask her out, but the only disadvantage is she lives at least 45 minutes away, and I can only see her on weekends.  What should I do? Or what do you think?
Ready to make a move

---------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------

Dear Ready:

Based on what you have told me – she asked if her age put you off (I assume you said, “No!”), and she was frequently looking in your direction at the party, I say, what are you waiting for, an invitation to ask her out printed on the front page of the New York Times? I can see that the distance is a negative. Usually, when a relationship just gets off the ground, accessibility is an advantage, but it shouldn’t be a deterrent from getting to know her and seeing where it goes. The only snag could be if her parents do not allow her to date at 15.  But you will never know unless you take the first step.  Don’t ask her what she thinks you two should do when you get together. Make reasonable plans ahead of time.  This will show her that you are a responsible, take-charge kinda guy.