Dear Miss Emily:

I am engaged to the most amazing man ever. For the last 2 weeks he has been out of town. I spent some very innocent time with a few of his friends, until the other night when I took ecstasy with his best friend. Nothing AT ALL happened, it was very innocent.  We just hung out and listened to music. I have not done this drug in years and I’m totally upset with myself for what I have done.  The guilt is killing me. My question is do I tell him, or do I just put it behind me?

----------------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------------

Dear Messed-up:

I’m for telling your fiancé about this because he might find out from someone else and, then, it looks like you were hiding something more than this “innocent” occasion; although I do not believe that blabbing all you hold inside is necessarily a good policy.  Some things can remain private – between you and you.  Discretion is a virtue!  This, however, would be one time to spill the beans.