Dear Miss Emily:

My boyfriend and I are best friends. During my freshman year, he was always buying me gifts, flirting, and surprising me. When we decided to date, he would always hug me and kiss me. Now we’re going into our senior year, he hates public displays of affection and I just was able to hold his hand. He never kisses me in public, unless I won't see him for a long time. He never talks sexy to me anymore, and  he  doesn't act like he likes it when I tell him I love him. He very, VERY rarely tells me he loves me and he doesn't surprise me and buy me things. Like even little gifts to show me he cares. If you looked at our relationship, it would basically look like I make him uncomfortable hugging him. I tell him I won't do anything he doesn't feel comfortable with, and he tells me to do what I want but when I go to kiss him he moves me away and says no. And we won't be in a public place, too. I've asked if it's because I’m a bad kisser or my breath stinks (he's very critical and will tell me) but he just says, he loves it when I kiss him, it's just not in front of people. But we're never alone. I can't be alone after my parents found out we had what do I do? Why isn't he the same sweet, romantic guy?
Miss the old him

-----------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Miss:

Some people are simply not comfortable with public displays of affection.  That’s not a big deal, but it is a big deal if he responds this way the infrequent times you are alone together. You have been with him for quite a while now, and it's rare for a relationship to stay as heady as those first few months.  That said, if he’s backing off from intimacy when you are alone, I would question his commitment to the relationship and, perhaps, it would be wise to suggest some time off from each other. If he agrees, you’ll have your answer as to why he’s standoffish. Parental restriction aside, push for an open and honest discussion with him to get this settled.