Dear Miss Emily:

Ok, well, my ex-boyfriend and I broke up like 4 weeks ago.  He said he wasn’t happy.  Then, the next day after the breakup he got another girlfriend.  After the breakup we didn’t talk for 2 weeks and then he called me. We talked about why we broke up.  He said that I lied.  We both said a few lies to each other. But before he broke up with me, my close friend told me that he was seen with a girl and it didn’t look good. We are friends now, but when we see each other he hugs me and acts loveable, then he tells me he wants to get back together.  It’s hard to be friends with him ‘cause this is the second time he broke up with me and has another girlfriend the next day. I don’t know what to do.  I still have feelings for him which is why I wanna be friends but it hurts a lot. Please help.
Jerked Around

--------------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------------

Dear Jerked:

If I were you, I wouldn’t be so quick to take up again with “boy-gone-wild.”  He wants you, and he wants other girls as backup.  This may be a natural high for him, but it should be a downer for the ladies.  Take a look at who he really is – maybe a good guy at heart, but not boyfriend material.  If you two were lying to each other, trust was never the foundation of your relationship from the start. Back off on his overly-affectionate behavior and set him straight.  You have the power to do it, so use it!  Never settle for being anyone’s “second or third helping” unless you are such a loser that you think this is as good as you can get.  Only you can decide what happens next.