Dear Miss Emily:

I recently did something very stupid and lied to my girlfriend. How do I regain her trust and have her want to still date and be with me?
Sorry Now

-------------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------------

Dear Sorry:

Lies will occasionally seep into a relationship and, of course, the degree of the lie is the crux of the problem. “Sure, I like that dress,” and you really hate it – not a biggy.  And then there’s the other end of the spectrum.  “We didn’t sleep together.  I only took her home!”  This is the type of lie, when exposed, destroys trust and can damage a relationship irreparably. The lie should be talked about, and these questions should be answered:  Why did you lie?  What were you afraid would happen if you told the truth?  Also, there is the need to let each other know that when a certain uncomfortable truth is told, it should be given gracefully and not as a form of insult.  "Wow, your breath could stop a clock," will not do.  "Sweet one, your breath could use a mint," better.  Any information shared, in an appropriate manner, should be discussed without fear of repercussions. Time is also the healer.  Let her know that you are eager to regain her trust, and you are infinitely sorry for your lapse in judgment.  Then...mean it!