Dear Miss Emily:

On the 27th, it was my best friend’s birthday so we went out camping for the night.  I was introduced to many new people but there was one in particular named Susie.  We are both 17 years old.  Throughout the night, we got to know each other and it turned out we had a massive amount in common. She also told me about her relationship problems and she’s been single for 7 days. Later that night, I spoke to her privately, told her how I felt and that I understand how she is feeling from the break up with her ex-boyfriend.  But at the same time, she wasn’t exactly sober, so I was worried that she might forget in the morning, so now I do not know what to do.  I don’t even know if she likes me, what should I do?
Not So Happy Camper

--------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------

Dear Not So:

It’s always difficult to go after someone immediately after they have broken-up with another person – for obvious reasons.  You put yourself out there, only to be told,  “I’m sorry, but my boyfriend and I just got back together.”  However, this should not yet be a no-end situation if you play your cards right.  Hopefully, you know how to contact her.  If you have her number, give her a call and find out how’s she’s doing.  Offer friendship for now, “If you ever need to talk . . .” sort of thing, and be cool about it.  Give her your number and see if she gets in touch with you.  There’s little you can do other than that, because forcing the issue will make you look foolish and desperate.  This I do know, the guy who shows he has confidence, without being pushy, is the guy who gets noticed.  Girls love a good listener.  Not a lot of guys have that ability, because they have not learned to respect the art of communication, nor how important it is to a women.  If she calls you back, that’s a good sign, indeed.  After a few conversations, send a small bouquet of flowers.  Good luck!