Ask Miss Emily -
daughter's friend's dad
By Miss Emily
Published on 06/6/2007
Dear Miss Emily:

I love my six-year-old daughter's best friend, but her father gives me the willies.  Her mother travels during the week and he's the primary care giver.  I am running out of excuses for why my daughter can't play at their house.  How should I handle this situation?
Out of excuses

.............................Miss Emily's advice.........................

Dear Out of excuses:

Take him in your confidence, and tell him that your daughter is going through a “Mommy stage” and that you would prefer to be around when the girls play together.  And let that be it.  This is your daughter, and she is of paramount concern.  If the father of this girl is resentful, so be it!  How would you feel if something were to happen and your instincts had been correct?  If the family invites your daughter on an outing, when the mother is present, you might want to allow it.  Otherwise, hold your ground and risk him thinking you are an overly protective mother who dares to take no prisoners.