Dear Miss Emily:

A girl I like never has noticed me before until a few days ago.  How do I get noticed more by her when I think she likes someone else?
At A Loss

--------------------------Miss Emily’s Advice--------------------

Dear At A Loss:

You didn’t tell me in which way she started to notice you, but I’d encourage the same circumstance. Now that you have been noticed, find a way to be in a position to talk with her, because it’s time to advance to stage 2 – getting to know each other.  Make it happen.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And don’t assume that she likes someone else until you see them “together.”  Put yourself out there, show her the great person you know you are and, more than likely, she’ll take notice.  If it doesn’t click, at least you made the effort.  The guy who gets the girl is the one who puts himself at center stage, instead of making excuses for not doing it and, instead, chooses to wait in the wings.  It’s a lonely place to be if you're not willing to test your mettle.  I say, go for it!