Dear Miss Emily:

What important morals can a parent share with their child?

------------------Miss Emily’s advice----------------

In terms of morality, no one is in complete agreement but, when it comes to raising children, caring, wise and loving parents pretty much agree on these moral imperatives:  Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.  How do you share these with your children?  By setting an example.  If you teach your child that stealing is wrong, do not rip-off packets of sugar in a restaurant.  If you tell your child to respect others, do not defame or make ethnic slurs to anyone.  If you preach to your child that lying is wrong, do not tell whoppers and then expect them not to behave in kind.  If your children are told that humans are responsible for keeping the planet clean, do not litter, or be wasteful. Remember, what is right or wrong does not have to be taught by religious or legal authority.  Teaching a child to be responsible for his/her actions is a matter of cause and effect.  We are all in this together, and we benefit by understanding that compassion is the best defense against our baser, primitive instincts.