Dear Miss Emily:

I have been divorced for about 6 years, and would like to have a friendly relationship with my ex-wife and her new husband, but she still holds nothing but anger towards me.  What can I do to encourage a better relationship between us?
Tired of the anger

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Dear tired:

I assume you have children, together, or you’re one lonely sod!  It’s sad that your ex still hates you, for lack of a better word, but unless she’s willing to let the past go and move on with her life, there isn’t a lot you can do to change things.  I suppose you could tell her that you are miserable – that would make her less angry, because isn’t that what she really wants – to see you suffer?  Look – the reason you divorced is because you didn’t do well as a couple and, somewhere along that road, you stopped being friends.  When you do see her, maintain a pleasant demeanor, and know this: living in the past is the surest way to destroy the future.  You know this – maybe one day your ex will figure it out, as well.