Dear Miss Emily:

I really like this guy and have liked him for some time, but he says he doesn't like me. Now, his brother and I sit together in school, and we have so much in common.  He compliments me all the time. He is not cute, at all, but has an amazing personality! I don't know who to choose.  Right now, nothing will happen with the 1st guy, but might later. On the other hand, I like his brother SO MUCH also!  Help!
Hard To Choose

------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------

Dear Hard:

If the one brother is not interested in you, without hesitation, go for brother two!  At this point, your only “choice” is finding out if he’s interested in pursuing a relationship. I’m convinced that the guys who might not be considered “lookers” almost always have the better personalities.  They try harder to please, keep you laughing, and never fight you for the mirror.  What possibly could be wrong with that?  But please, don’t play games with him. You have to like him for who he is, and not use him as an avenue to getting his brother to take a second look at you.  Forgive me, I am sure you would never, ever think of doing something like that!  Let me know how things turn out.