Dear Miss Emily:

I have been with my fiance for nearly four years. Two years back, there was a girl going around saying she was pregnant with his baby. But all of sudden, she had a miscarriage. She had said that the day before our two year anniversary, she was at his house with him, and it's a coincidence because, that day, when I called him, he wouldn't answer, but he did text me. She knew what the inside of his house looked like.  I know, one time, she was there with a mutual friend. But I don't know if she knew how it looked before that. I never got the chance to ask. He denies it all. But when I think about it, I get this weird feeling, and they say "If it doesn't feel right, then it’s not." So my question is, do I let it all go for a weird feeling and throw away everything or stay feeling like I do? AND we have a daughter together.

----------------------Miss Emily’s advice------------------

Dear Uneasy:

Let’s say this two year-old story did happen.  Is the problem that he has denied any involvement (no one is perfect), or just the fact that he cheated on you?  I am a little skeptical of this woman's motive. She got pregnant and lost the baby?  This is a story that’s hard to prove true when there is no child and, therefore, no DNA to verify the sexual encounter. If she was trying to steal him from you, it’s  possible that she thought she needed a child to do it or, at least, pretend there was one.  Now don’t get mad, but was that how you won him over?  Often times, where there’s smoke there’s fire, but this happened two years ago, and you are the one who has the child with him.  If this is the only suspected incident, AND this guy has proved faithful to you in the last two years, AND he is a good father, I’d let it go.  If in your heart you suspect cheating is a pattern with him, under no circumstances should you marry this man. That weird feeling you have, I think, is not predominently coming from this two year-old incident, but a belief that, in general, he is not an honest, trusting individual.  Am I right?  Only you can answer that.