Dear Miss Emily:

I really like this guy, and I think he likes me too. When I’m working, he will start playing footsie with me.  He also makes me laugh all the time.  And when I get hurt, he makes sure I’m ok.  He is not shy, but when he asked me if I liked him, I said “no” because I’m shy. I know that was the wrong thing to do, but I’m REALLY shy!  So do you think he likes me? Also we text a lot and talk on the phone.

--------------Miss Emily’s advice----------

Dear Wondering:

Sweetie, I’m going to answer this, not because I need to fill-up space in my column, but you need to get a few things straight! You have to learn to “seize the moment.”  It’s the easier thing to do, because now, unfortunately, you have created a situation that makes life much harder for yourself. You had the perfect opening, and you blew it!  Now what to do.  While you are texting each other, write at the end of one of yours, “By the way, I do like you.” This won’t be a real shocker since you both are showing extreme interest in each other.  It’s a way to get this settled and move forward – unless, of course, you are shy about what will happen next.  Once you get to know him better, it should be easier to open up to him on a personal level and let nature takes it’s course.  Believe me, sooner or later, even the shyest people in the world find ways to hook-up.