Dear Miss Emily:

I might be pregnant but not sure.  No one seems to be helping too much, but maybe you can.  Anyway, we want to get pregnant.  I think I ovulated last week.  Then I was dry for a few days.  Then I had a lot of mucus this morning –  now gone!  Again, in the same hour. What is happening?
Am I or Am I Not?

-------------------Miss Emily’s advice-----------------

Dear Am I:

Although I’m flattered that you would seek my advice on something that is medical, I can really only give you a lay (non-professional) person’s opinion.  You should get a pregnancy test from the drugstore.  See what results you get.  If it’s negative, it’s possible that you could still be pregnant but, at least, if you are, you’ll pretty much know for sure.  Then, wait to see if you get your period.  If you don't, make an appointment to see a obstetrician/gynecologist and let them know how far along you think you might be.  They will make an appointment for you based on the right time to see the doctor.  If you are pregnant, it it necessary for you to get good prenatal care.  See the doctor on schedule until you deliver. And last, but not least, you must eat well and take a daily prenatal vitamin.  If you need help on a good diet during pregnancy, there is mega-information on the web that will guide you. Good luck!