I  have been going out with a girl for about 7 months now. Everything is really good between us. We have our normal fights but I can live with that. The issue that I have is that some of the things that I love, she doesn't. For example:  I love tattoos but she asked me to stop doing them. Another thing is that I love watching movies in English, but she doesn't. When something bugs me, I like to go and do some research on it and find out the answer -- like why is a circle round, or how does something work. But she doesn't. I told her that's ok, I will not annoy her with those things. I will do my stuff in my own time. I really love her and she does too ( I think). So please tell me, what am I supposed to do? I know we need compromises and I am fine with that, but I don't think she wants to compromise. She told me she doesn't want to lose me and neither do I. But am I fooling myself? Please do answer me. I am kinda lost and I don't know what to do... Thank you...

--------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

You're short-changing yourself if you feel you have to sneak around to seek knowledge, or can't share your interests with her. You don't want to change the basic nature of who you are to please someone else. Few people are going to find a partner who is perfectly suited, but you have to decide how much your interests conflict with hers, and how much you find yourself overreaching to accommodate her desires, and not yours. She should respect your interests, and politely listen when you have something to share. Assuming you're not obnoxious about it, and it's only your zest for life, and your interests in it, I'm not sure your relationship will last for the long-haul. Sometimes love simply isn't enough to make a relationship work. The best relationship have respect, common interests and values, trust, and open communication. You be the judge!