Dear Miss Emily:

 I am in a relationship with a female. I have trust issues with her because of mistakes she made with her ex. She continues to post general things about sex on Facebook and her ex comments on them. She says I shouldn't be mad its just Facebook but I ask her not to do it and she still does. What should I do...?

-------------------------------Miss Emily's advice------------------------

I'm not sure you have to punish her for mistakes she made with her ex but, in a relationship, when one finds something not to her (or his) liking, it's certainly appropriate to bring it up to her partner in hopes of finding a solution. She should be sensitive to your feelings, and that's the main issue. I'd judge your relationship on that issue alone -- unless she has a habit of cheating. Making sexual comments on facebook are meant to be read and, whether it's immaturity on her part, or she hopes to get comments, there's a reason for why she does it. Judge her on her actions, not on her words -- and then act accordingly. Respect is not what you're getting from her, period.