Miss Emily,
I'm having relationship trouble. I have been dating and living with a guy for 9 months. I love him, but he doesn't satisfy me. He doesn't know how to be romantic, sweet, anything. I have dealt with this for a long time. But recently, I met another guy who is sweet, loving, gentle, and everything I want in a man. But I'm the only girl he has been in a relationship with, or dated at all. He says he wants to learn how to be with someone longterm and that he wants it to be me. But I'm afraid of taking that leap by leaving my inconsiderate boyfriend, and moving in with this other guy. What should I do?

------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------

You're like a volleyball, going from one guy to the next by moving in with this new guy -- what's that all about? I definitely think you should move out with the guy you're with now. He's a dead-end from my way of thinking, but why rush into another relationship, despite the interest in this guy, when you're not sure? If finances are the problem, you're always going to be at the mercy of a man who's willing to pick up the tab for maintaining a lifestyle you should be capable of doing on your own. I think you should try a relationship with this new guy, and see how it goes -- but I would reconsider moving in with him if there's any possibility that you can get a place of your own in order to have the independence to make decisions out of want, rather than need.