Dear Miss Emily:

I want to know some easy things to do to get issues off your mind. If someone is going through a hard time, what are some things that can help the mind stop worrying? When something goes wrong, the natural reaction of the brain is to analyze the problem, but sometimes that tires the brain. What are some things to do to get your mind off things?

-----------------------------Miss Emily's advice-------------------------

Worry doesn't do much other than clog the brain. Worrying occurs when  someone doesn't know the outcome of a certain situation, fear of it -- and lack of control over it. We also worry about things we cannot change - the past, for one -- or outcomes that are in the hands of others. We worry about friends, parents, children, and ourselves because we wish no harm, yet we know that sometimes bad things happen. And sometimes we worry, because it takes the place of doing something about a problem. And that's what you need to take a look at. Worry is a part of human nature, but it can go too far and disrupt our lives to the point we feel like our feet are stuck in the mud. That's when worry becomes destructive to our everyday lives. Don't worry about the things you do not have the power to change, and work at the things you have power to change to avoid the worry.