Dear Miss Emily:

My boyfriend and I had a great few months.  He came to me a week ago to break it off.  He said he started to get panic attacks.  He just sent me a text last night, "Hi, hope you're well. Its been a hard week. You are very missed. What we had meant something to me despite the end, I hope you know that.”  What am I supposed to think after getting that? I want him back. Help!
Gone But Not Forgotten

---------------------------Miss Emily Advice----------------------

Dear Gone:

Anxiety (panic) attacks are most often a symptom of loss of control -- feelings of being trapped or powerless.  If any of this applies to your ex-boyfriend, two possible reasons for breaking up with you come to mind:  He thinks his relationship with you might be the cause of these attacks, or he has personal, emotional problems that he needs to work out on his own, and he can no longer sustain what you have had together.  But no matter what the reason, and this includes the possibility that he’s met someone else and is lying to you, there is little you can do to change the present situation.  The text could be his attempt to alleviate feelings of guilt, or just to let you know that he is human and cares.  That said, the content of the text is pleasant enough, but it’s not an opening to get back together.