Dear Miss Emily:
So, I am 20 and my boyfriend is 21. His sister is getting married and she is doing a small wedding, only, with her parents the grooms parents and siblings. I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years, now.  When I first heard, I wasn't invited.  I was like, whatever, but now that it's happening and my boyfriend is away, he text me how weird it is  and wishes I were there. He said his sister is regretting not inviting me, especially if my boyfriend and I get married eventually -- which we do talk about a lot -- just when were in a more stable $ position. My question is this:  should I be angry towards my possible future sister-in-law because I didn't get the invite to her wedding, but she will be getting one to mine? She is having a reception which I'm sure I am invited, but it will be in a couple months though. But, still, I feel like she knows me, we have met, and her brother and I have a beautiful relationship. I just don't know how to approach the situation. Should I get her a card? Thank you for your help.

-----------------------------Miss Emily's advice--------------------

Yes, it would have been nice if your boyfriend's sister had thought more carefully about her guest list and included you, but if she kept it to family, she also adhered to the definition of it. I absolutely would not make this an issue with her, or anyone else.  It will set you up for trouble down the road, and you do not want that. This is less of an injustice than an oversight, in hindsight, and it can be left at that. If you're going to the reception, that's great. The fact that she'll be going to your wedding with her brother -- wonderful!  It should not be a competition. Believe me, if you get along with this family, and there isn't any jealousy and/or personality conflicts in the group, you're one lucky girl. I hear horror stories in this line of work. Send them a card, and wish them well.