Dear Miss Emily:

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and 2 months and I trust him, but when we first started going out he used to flip out at me for talking about my past relationships. I didn’t mind sharing each others stories about what had happened in the past, but today he started talking about one of his ex's saying how pretty she was and I got upset.  I told him to stop talking about it.  Then he said its not my fault I go for top-notch stuff and I’m not that pretty.  I know that, so I said, well, what are you doing with me?  He said, you’re not that ugly, and I got even more offended because he’s going out with me and saying this other girl is prettier! So I threw my drink all over him and he called me a slag and a daft bitch! After that, I stormed off and went home. He then later text me (u let me down – love you always xxx), and I haven’t spoken to him since.  Please tell me what to do.  Am I in the wrong?  Did I overreact?  It’s not as if he’s Brad Pitt or something!
Not his Angelina
--------------------------Miss Emily’s advice---------------------

Dear Not:

I think you were both in the wrong, because he was horribly insensitive and you did overreact.  I know how tough this is, however, because it takes a really secure person to hear what he said and not react!  I had a friend who stopped taking to her husband for almost a week, because he said a woman at his office was beautiful.  But, you know, as knee-jerk as it is to take offense, the greatest level to attain, in any relationship, is the abilty to say, “That’s nice,” bite your tongue and let it pass.  This shows great courage and maturity.  And, I might add, it would not give fuel to the fire.  I think this whole thing went too far, and you should let it go, now.  More than likely, he’ll apologize and, then, proceed to tell you how really pretty you are during the make-up session.  If not, maybe this is a sign of trouble in your relationship, and there are underlying “issues” that need to be addressed.