Hi Emily,

When I got married, 6 years ago, both of my brothers were in my wedding. One as a groomsmen, the other as my best man. Now they are both getting married and both have asked me to be an usher in their weddings while they are serving as groomsmen in each others weddings. I said yes to both of them, but the more I think of it, the more upset I get. Am I being irrational, and would it be rude of me to back out? There are still 5 months before the first wedding happens.

------------------------------Miss Emily's advice-----------------------

No, I don't think you should back out, nor rock the boat. Angry? Well, more hurt than anything. Can I assume that your brothers are either closer in age -- and/or simply have a greater bond? Too, the wedding parties may be smaller, making it a choice between one or the other. But think about this -- neither one chose the other to be best man! Again, make no waves and accept your position as usher. With families, if it's anything like mine, you often have to bite the bullet. And believe me, my teeth are used to more bullets than food.