Dear Miss Emily:

I was in a relationship for two years and we both were head-over-heels in love. My boyfriend cheated a couple times, so we broke up. Months have past and now we are thinking about getting back together. We both have changed and matured. I see a change in him, and he sees a change in me. He promises me that it's just me and him, forever, and that he's finally grown up and will not hurt me again. But the question is, how do I know if he really has grown up and is ready for commitment? Will he really not cheat again? I need help.

-------------------------Miss Emily’s advice--------------------

Dear Hopeful:

Once trust is broken, it’s often a long, hard road back to forgiveness and new-found trust.  I hope you are willing to take the time to “wait and see” before jumping back in with both feet.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and at the first sign of his reverting back to the old self, send him packing.  Change is a great thing if it’s for real.  Many people are open to it, give it a cursory try, but fail to  make it stick. I’m pulling for him, because I want to believe he has succeeded. Again, only time will tell how close you are to knowing, for sure, that his old habits died when he realized that his former behavior was dishonorable, and the cost was too high.