Dear Miss Emily:

Do you think that parents should be too strict on their teenagers?  Why or why not?  Is it yes or no? Why or why not?
Want Answers

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Dear Want Answers:

The words you use “too strict” implies excessive, overkill, or beyond reasonable.  Parents parent from the way they view life, and children rarely see it as fair.  “Too strict,” in this case, is somewhat subjective; meaning, through one person’s eyes only.  If you are a parent asking this question, it tells me that you might be having doubts about whether you are being fair or not.  If you are a teenager who wrote this, well, you’re seeing it pretty much the same way; it’s just that you are the recipient of the restrictions placed on your life rather than the authority figure making the rules.  A parent should dole out discipline when it is justified and, in the process, protects their teen against lapses of good judgment.  A teenager would be a lot less angry if she/he realized that they really don’t know everything and that a parent may be wiser than perceived.  That said, unreasonable can truly be unreasonable, and too much can legitimately be too much. Take a look at the whole picture.  Only then will you be able to back your opinion as to what you think is “too much” or "not too much" of anything.